Dream Cream - NEW 1 oz Pump
  Dream Cream Female Sexual Enhancer
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Dream Cream can help you enhance your sexual pleasure. Its effects are subtle and natural feeling yet, at the same time, Dream Cream profoundly increases your sensitivity.

If you are a woman who is already completely happy with your lovemaking, Dream Cream can take it to even higher levels of pleasure, allowing you to feel even more than you dreamed possible. Women of every age-whether pre- peri- or post-menopausal-can enjoy enhanced sexual responsiveness!

Dream Cream is also a dream to use! It is a safe, topical cream. Its primary ingredient is an essential amino acid called L-Arginine. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and occur naturally in our bodies. Dream Cream is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. You apply Dream Cream to the clitoris and external genitalia 5-10 minutes before lovemaking. Dream Cream feels completely natural, has no color when applied, and is scent-free. Dream Cream combines with your own lubrication, so there is no need to remove it after lovemaking. It is discreet and simple to use-and can be used as often as desired. It works with your body to enhance your own natural sexual vitality.